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Are You in Danger?
Call 911 or your local police immediately.

Are You in Crisis?
Call the Assaulted Women's Helpline:
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I want to report a crime to the police

Sexual assault is a crime and you have the right to report what happened to the police. Some police services have specialized units that deal specifically with sexual assault cases. In most cases, a police officer will complete an initial report which includes key details about the sexual assault.

Making a decision about reporting to police can be difficult. You may need some time, more information and support to figure out what to do. You may wish to speak with a counsellor, such as at your local Sexual Assault Centre, about reporting to the police and the criminal justice process.

Search your local police services online.

Support in the Justice System

If you choose to go to the police and charges are laid, you can receive support through the Victim/Witness Assistance Program.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Program provides services to victims and witnesses by helping you prepare for court, offering emotional support, and providing assistance in finding counselling and other community services.

Services are provided on a priority basis to the most vulnerable victims and witnesses of violent crime, such as domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Services begin once police have laid charges and continue until the court case is over.